Virtual Cover Creator

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Virtual Cover Creator, as is evident from its name, is a software utility that is intended to help users create or design professionally-styled, 3D covers for a whole variety of objects such as media objects, digital documents, boxes, etc. The tool can be used to create covers for a whole array of objects such as CDs and DVDs, both discs and casing; digital documents such as eBooks, reports, manuals, digital magazines, etc; and boxes that are two or three sided, thin and wide boxes, and even for book bundles. You name it, and the tool offers an option to create a cover that is both aesthetically appealing and professionally satisfying.

The 3D features included in this tool means you can exactly design and create the covers even for 3 dimensional objects. It also comprises a 2D graphic editing feature that ensures you don’t have to really rely on any other graphical designing tool to create your base graphics either. Thus, the tool claims to be a complete solution for all you cover creation needs. Some of the other interesting or prominent features integrated in this utility are ability to preview your 3D creations in real-time, ability to create unique designs without any dependence on pre-defined templates and that gives you complete control over the end product, ability to add various effects such as reflection, shadow, light direction, etc. There are also fixed camera and fixed size views that can enhance the way your ultimate creation will turn out.

The tool also ensures that all these effects and 3D implementations are flexible enabling you to create the desired effect in the most efficient manner. There are also tools to adjust color and dimensions. There is also a Model Action functionality that helps you to choose between different models for a product, but this is available based on the actual product for which you are creating the cover. You can check out this utility on a free trial basis. However, the trial version comes with a watermark in its output. Supported in Windows platforms, you can implement this utility in Windows 2008, 7, 8, XP, Vista, and Server versions.