Steel Shapes for AutoCAD

Download Steel Shapes for AutoCAD

The Steel Shapes for AutoCAD software helps you to draw an outline of any structure made out of steel. It conforms to the rules and conditions mentioned by AISC SSTEEL Construction namely the 13th edition. The key features of the software include; metric sizes namely millimeter, centimeter, inch and feet. These help you to understand the right size of the object.  It provides you with all the details of the data provided. Each shape of steel is separately taken into account. The steel shapes include the given sizes, namely, W shapes: 44 – 4, S Shapes: 24 – 3, HP Shapes: 14 -8, among others. It works best when integrated with windows 98, XP, ME, NT, Vista and even with latest Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The software includes the added features of a ribbon and toolbox. These help you to measure the accurate length of steel. The software abides to all the standards mentioned by AISC. It is very time efficient and has a set of very simple and easy command keys. You can easily choose the command of your choice and imply it to the given structure of steel. It helps you to be accurate and precise at the same time. The software has been designed to make your work interesting. It assists you in estimating the correct measurement of the given object. It helps you to understand the structure and the utility of the given object.

The software provides you with the correct measurements hence adding to the efficiency of your work. It is the best utility tool when comes to the measurement of objects made out of steel. The software has a help file which makes it easy for you to understand the proper way to work (by using the software).