Project Cooper for Windows

Download Project Cooper for Windows

This software will let the user create basic and simple 2D floor plans. It is very easy to use as it has the bare essentials only, like AutoCAD. This application is thus for simple and basic architectural drawings. Project Cooper for Windows can be used by expert architects and by novices or people at home with equal amount of ease. Project Cooper for Windows can be used by the users to create simple floor plans for a variety of locations like gardens at home or specific rooms in the house or even for some special event. Project Cooper for Windows can be used by designers to for creating floor plans in a designing project.

The data, drawings or floor plans that are drawn up using Project Cooper for Windows are stored in the DWG format that is the common format for most AutoCAD files. The homeowners can make the basic floor plans of what they want and then send over these designs to the professional architects or designers. Dimensioning and scaling are very important and useful features of this application. The software asks for the correct size of the room being planned, the size of the drawing and scales to the correct dimensions automatically. It also picks the units that will be appropriate to the drawing.

It is very easy to use this software; the items are easy to add to the palette. Rotating and dragging items into place can also be done with ease. For people who are comfortable using Windows Applications Project Cooper for Windows will be easy to figure out. The interface is easy to figure out and also simple. It is a cheap alternative for designing floor plans and it is lightweight and does not take up too much space on your system. It has a great Help file for those who have difficulties using the software.