Download ProfiCAD

This easy to use and also easy on your budget software will help you to draw up diagrams or drawings that are required in Electrical Engineering. Whether it is electrical engineering drawings you are after or the more frequently needed wiring diagrams required by electrical engineers ProfiCAD is just the software that you need. It saves your time being quick to generate the outputs and also saves your money as it is not as expensive as the other software that is available. It is also user friendly and easy to use thus just about anybody can use ProfiCAD to produce very high quality diagrams.

ProfiCAD is programmed to generate a list of wires, a bill of material and also a net list. This makes the work of the electrical engineers even easier. The electrical symbols that you use will be automatically numbered by ProfiCAD. The diagrams or drawings that you create using ProfiCAD can also be exported to other destinations like for example to the DXF format. You can also copy and paste the drawings that you create into any of the Microsoft office applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft PowerPoint. This means you can use the diagrams you create for presentations.

ProfiCAD as an application comes with an option of a title block that is in correspondence with the ISO 7200 standard. The user can also customize this title block as required internally within a company. The user can either add a logo or also use ProfiCAD to create their unique title block. It is a program that comes with an excellent Help file. The user interface is easy to use, the features and functions of ProfiCAD are also quick and simple. Untrained users, students and/or professionals can all use it with equal ease. The diagrams and drawing created using ProfiCAD are professional and of an advanced quality.