Print2CAD 2013 OCR

Download Print2CAD 2013 OCR

This software will help you to convert file formats such as PDF, AutoCAD files like DWG, DWF and DXF, HPGL file format and also TIFF and JPEG into file formats such as, DXF, DWG, JPEG and PDF. Print2CAD 2013 OCR has certain very complex functions that will help you to convert your files from one format to the other. The files that you want to convert can be added by using the file browser as the drag and drop feature is not an option for Print2CAD 2013 OCR. More than one entry can be handled at the same time by Print2CAD 2013 OCR saving precious time.

This software has a file list which will give the user all the necessary information on an item like source format, name, location and size. If however the user is happy with whatever the settings are set by default, the user can choose to proceed with the conversion immediately. In order to proceed with the conversion the user needs to specify the directory and the format of the output. The user can also customize and change the preferences for raster to vector conversions. Meaning that raster images can be completely vectorized.

Raster images on the other hand can be converted into solid entities or a horizontal group of lines. Raster images can also be extracted and then used as references in drawings etc.  Entities can be sorted into separate layers according to their color. Circles and arcs can be generated; hatches of all kinds can be deleted. The page range can be specified in Print2CAD 2013 OCR and also the scale factor in case of the X, Y, and Z coordinates. In this software the user can create the text as a separate string and then use Print2CAD 2013 OCR to optimize automatically the height of the text. The output files and input files can be viewed. It has an intuitive user interface, a very useful Help file and supports two languages.