OBJ Export for Inventor

Download OBJ Export for Inventor

The OBJ export for Inventor plugin enables the users of Inventor to export 3D models. These 3D models can be exported in the .obj file format. This is a plus point along with the add-in for exporting Wavefront OBJ files. The user can then export both surface and solid data at the 3D level. This can be taken from an assembly document and meshed into any OBJ file.

The export function for OBJ Inventor performs a crucial function. There is tessellation of solid bodies in assembly documents or inventor parts into individual meshes. These meshes are triangularly shaped. Exporting is done straight to any OBJ file. These are sent as mesh objects. This OBJ file can be smoothly imported for usage by numerous CAD based applications.

All users are sure to be benefited by this plugin. It is quite simple and hassle free to use. The Inventor gets new commands added to it. A ribbon-bar is also added to the user interface of the Inventor. This is known as an add-in. This contains the fresh commands which are then mingled with the ribbons. However, prompt registration of the plugin’s license is required for the very first time. There are trial and professional modes. Both of these can be registered by simply clicking the requisite button. You can also use the option for exporting to OBJ. This will make the application ready to use. The software is compatible with all versions of Inventor and can be used on diverse operating systems. Some of these include Windows 7, XP, 98, ME, NT and Windows 8 and so on.