Download MyVirtualHome

MyVirtualHome is a free (for home users) interior designing software that enables people to virtually create the home of their fancy. Unlike other 3D model based interior designing software, this program lets you see how your home will look in reality.

In MyVirtualHome you can build the exact image of your home exactly like you visualize it - be it building a new home or renovating the old one. The handy drag-and-drop interface really makes it easy for anyone to use and you can even use the image of the actual floorplan of the house to serve as a guide for placing walls. What makes this really special is the rich catalog of all the materials, furniture and decorations. It is actually made up of real products from real life manufacturers; so that you can choose precisely the building material, the exact color of the paint and the accurate model of the furniture. You can also search for a particular manufacturer or item -  in the catalog or online. This catalog is continually updated and if don't find what you're looking for - some special item- it can be requested.

By using MyVirtualHome you can convey most coherently what you expect, to the contractors and engineers, thus saving hours of confusion and misunderstanding. You can also share your ideas seamlessly with your friends and relatives over social networking sites.