Download Landscape Deck and Patio

Landscape Deck and Patio is a landscape designing software with a difference. It makes the user a professional designer. It does not start with cliche templates that inspire users of most other landscape designing software's. The 3D walk-through is very realistic with an option to see shadows.

The biggest advantage of this software is that it makes the designing process simplified. Though it packs in most of the advanced features, it does not do so at the cost of complexity. The tools are neatly arranged in the menu bar and the ease of access is at an all time high. The software offers endless possibilities. One can create and even customize pieces of furniture to resemble the ones they really have. The pool and fence designers add more power to the product. Add to that the option of an estimator which requires unit prices of each object as input and calculates the total cost incurred based on the size of the object used in the design.

The help and support center is excellent. It packs in video tutorials which come as a great advantage over the usual tips and tricks and indexed searches. Overall the software transcends the expertise level of the user and comes handy both for the amateur and the professional.

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