IGES STEP converter

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The IGES STEP converter software has been designed to convert an IGES or a STEP file in to any neutral format in files. This software has the added advantage of converting file formats in batches. This helps in saving a lot of time of the user.  It can be used to convert multiple files all taken together, at any given point of time. The software commands all the line parameters including both input and output. This makes the software a powerful tool for converting different file formats. This feature helps to integrate the software with any other software. The software works best when integrated with Windows 98, XP, Vista, 2000, ME, 7 and Windows 8. The software also comes with a dialog box, which displays the option of batch conversion. The software helps to copy and convert any file in a very short span of time. The input and output file names are to be provided to get optimum results from the software.

IGES STEP converter is very user friendly and the features are easily understood (by the user). The software has been made time efficient. It displays all the information required about the converter. It registers the user’s copy of the converter before it begins the process of converting a file. It works best when integrated with windows software. The tutorial can help you to understand the exact way of working with the converter.

The software has very easy commands. The features are easily understood. The database is well maintained. This software enables the process of converting multiple files together thus saving ample time of the user. This adds to a better and effective amount of work flow in the system. It also has the very convenient dialog box application. This software is an investment worth making for any user if they intend to convert their files in the shortest span of time possible.