IGES Import for SketchUp

Download IGES Import for SketchUp

This is an addition or a plug-in for Google SketchUp. This plug-in basically helps to import objects to SketchUp from IGES files. IGES Import for SketchUp is programmed in a way so that solid objects can be imported to Google SketchUp by the user with limited effort and time. IGES Import for SketchUp was created as a close integration for Google SketchUp and as such is independent of any other third party software or help. It will enhance the performance of Google SketchUp and make working with SketchUp a better and an easier experience for the users.

IGES or Initial Graphics Exchange Specification files mostly have within them some sort of graphical data. This Graphical data present in the IGES files is in a form that is accepted and accessible by most CAM and/or CAD systems. These graphic files and geometric data contained by IGES files are converted by IGES Import for SketchUp into the SketchUp entities that are corresponding to them. These converted SketchUp entities are then added and integrated into the SketchUp drawing that is open or being used by the user. Some objects from IGES files like Surfaces and/or solids are tessellated before they are imported into SketchUp. In such a case these tessellated objects are imported as mesh objects.

IGES Import for SketchUp is a very helpful plug-in or add on for IGES Import for SketchUp. It has an easy use and user friendly user interface which means all kinds of user can use it with equal ease. Once the user loads IGES Import for SketchUp into the system it automatically does the rest that is it loads itself into SketchUp and creates a new submenu, which is named “IGES Import for SketchUp”. This submenu is added to the Plug-ins menu of SketchUp where all the commands that are newly added can be found.