Form Z Render Zone

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Form Z Render Zone specializes in solid and surface modeling for general purposes. It possesses capabilities of manipulating and sculpting extensive 2D/3D forms. It is a handy tool for landscape architects, engineers, illustrators, builders, film makers, animators, industrial areas and many other creative individuals.

Multiple light types can be optimized for illumination. Pre-captured and procedural textures are available. They can be mapped onto object surfaces with six different methods. These are UV coordinates, spherical, cylindrical, parametric, cubic and flat. Other surface styles can include decals on top. You can create object labels, wall graffiti, surfaces that are partially reflective and masked transparencies. Competent shaders are used for various effects involving reflection, color, bump and transparency.

Form Z Render Zone helps in creation of realistic images, helped by the Light Works rendering engine. There are three rendering levels: raytrace, simple and z-buffer. 3D model images can be developed at the simple level and subsequent rendering gives it an ethereal quality. Images can be produced using illumination techniques that are applicable globally. This contributes increasingly to the realism of images. Light distribution is done very accurately as well. Other features and techniques include ambient occlusion, radiosity and final gather. These can be combined or used separately for varied results.