EZ Schematics

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This software is mainly for the purpose of creating high quality electrical schematics. EZ Schematics is perfect for electrical engineers, electrical contractors and any other professional who wants to draw up electrical schematics. Once you have finished creating the schematics, you can also use EZ Schematics for the purpose of printing these schematics. You can create not only professional looking schematics but also insert into these relay logic. This insertion of relay logic is quicker in EZ Schematics than in any other software and or CAD program. This improves not only the speed of the output but also the quality.

Most of the popular and widely used American symbols are already drawn and programmed into this software. There are over sixty such symbols that are pre-drawn for your convenience. These pre-drawn symbols are drawn in ½” or ¼” increments and the user can access it with just a simple click. Just one click ensures a precise, simple and fast insertion of the symbols. Some of the symbols that are included are timers, contacts, relays, motors, pressure switches, limit switches, flow switches, selector switches, push buttons, fuses, transformers, overloads, foot switches, circuit breakers and plenty more such symbols. Having these pre-drawn symbols at your disposal make your work easier.

With EZ Schematics it is also extremely easy to insert wire numbers and also names of devices. These special added features of EZ Schematics will make your work a breeze. Electrical circuit simulations are also a unique and new feature of EZ Schematics. The user can also save the schematics that they draw up as bitmap images. Thus the user can also use EZ Schematics to create their very own symbols. The user interface is simple intuitive and easy to figure out. The program is lightweight and does not take up unnecessary space on your system.