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For users who need to create attractive floor plans that are also accurate then Easy Blueprint is the perfect software for you. This is basically a software that creates blueprints and floor plans for offices or homes. Easy Blueprint can easily be used to create floor plans that you can add to flyers and brochures. It is compatible with almost all programs that are Windows based. You can copy and paste your program onto Microsoft Word or any other Microsoft application of your choice. This software is efficient and produces clean and high quality images. Being compatible with all Microsoft applications make it wide accessible.

The drawings that you create using Easy Blueprint have clean lines and dimensions and also accurate distances. No matter which field you work in if you need blueprints or floor plans of any kind, Easy Blueprint is the software that you need. Contractors to interior designers, carpenters to real estate agents and architects will all find Easy Blueprint extremely useful. The central feature of this application is the 2Dimensional floor plan that it allows you to draw up. This center piece is what strikes that all important balance between accuracy and simplicity. The output or the drawing that you get is not just easy to draw up but also great to view.

It has an easy to use interface that can be used by anybody and as mentioned before it is compatible with all Windows like windows 98, XP, 2000, ME, Vista and even with windows 7 and 8. Because of the simplicity of Easy Blueprint the user does not have to have any special skills or learn any time learning up new features that are of no use to them. But only floor plan features that are of specific need to them will be available. It is easy to install and being lightweight does not clutter up your system space.

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