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For those who require to draw and design professional architectural designs this is the perfect software. This is an advanced AEC CADD program that is of a professional level. DataCAD can be used not only for architectural designs but also for construction and animation document creation or photo realistic rendering. This software DataCAD was designed especially with architects in mind by software engineers and architects themselves. DataCAD has many special features that will make the work of the architect much simpler, quicker and easier. Designing and drafting plans are made easier by features like associative dimensioning, automated doors, walls and windows.

DataCAD also has a unique DWG/DXF translator that is based on Teigha. This gives DataCAD an added edge over similar software. Its success is evident from its immense popularity. It is the second most frequently and widely used software application by architects all around the world. This is according to the most recent survey that had been conducted by AIA or American Institute of Architects. The most important feature that makes it so widely used is perhaps the fact that it includes the option of importing SketchUp files. Smart doors, walls and windows means that the work of the architect is partly done.

The files and designs that are drawn up by the architect in DataCAD can be exported to Microsoft Excel. It also has added beneficial feature like 3D Boolean operations, Snap Indicator, support for SHX font, MText etc. DataCAD also allows the user to create new symbols for which it has a special tool called the New Symbol Tool. The entities of your design can be edited using the entity property editors and DataCAD can also be used for the purpose of rendering enhancements. It comes with an enhanced and improved sun shader that is built around the rendering engine. This optimizes the speed of DataCAD. This also means that you can easily review complex models.

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