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When coming to computer aided design applications, AutoCAD is undoubtedly the first choice! It is the most popular CAD tool designed to provide the users various tools that help in two dimensional and three dimensional design. Designers, architects, artists and engineers prefer this software to aid them in increasing their productivity by helping with models they create. It offers powerful drawing tools that one can use to create surfaces, meshes and solids. It even lets you customize the designs created using its 3D capabilities.

The program includes a plugin that enables you to edit 3D design models from external sources without having to export them. One useful feature of the program is that it creates relationships between the objects of your model so that the designs are updated on occurrence of change automatically. It also features the documentation generation which can be helpful in projects involving engineering. Other important features of the application are the associative array functionality, Content Explorer and Autodesk exchange.

The interface of the program is unique featuring a ribbon model which aims at providing quick and easy access to the functions. It does this by displaying the options in a visual format that makes it easier to select them. Another component worth mentioning is ViewCube that lets you rotate any surface model and re-orient it. You just click and hold the tool to have free rotation of the model. These are few of the many features this great software tool comes with. In addition to those, thousands of add-ons are available to enhance the capability of the program and make it work the way you would require.

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