Download AutoCAD Electrical

This software was created especially for electrical control designers. AutoCAD Electrical is absolutely perfectly integrated into the AutoCAD software and engineers will find it a very useful tool. AutoCAD Electrical has been programmed and created specifically with electrical control systems in mind. This software is easy to use and the interface is very simple and user friendly. Also AutoCAD Electrical includes all the features and functionalities of the regular AutoCAD and added to it, it also has a set of features of an Electrical CAD. This software will be of immense help to all electrical engineers and also electrical control designers.

It has a comprehensive library of symbols and also the tools that will help the user automate electrical design tasks. This means huge amount of time and effort is saved on the part of the user. AutoCAD Electrical helps you to create standard based design, which means you can easily and quickly create industry standard electrical control designs. You can also trim wires quickly, reuse circuits and copy components and create electrical schematics quickly. It increases the productivity with the help of electrical specific commands. Panel layouts drawings can be created with built intelligence. The complexity of working with terminal designs.

The Marking Menu is a replacement for the right click context menu for AutoCAD Electrical objects. The selections in this marking menu can be done in either marking mode or menu mode. If the user chooses to right click in the graphics window, the items in the menu surround the cursor. To dismiss this marking menu you have to click again in the centre of the menu display as pressing Esc key can cancel the command that is in progress. It needs 6 GB free disk space and also a 2 GB RAM. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or other is also required by AutoCAD Electrical.

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