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Artlantis Studio is the latest, fastest and most efficient software for rendering and developing stand alone three dimensional applications and designs, which are of immense help to architects, engineers, designers and other similar professionals. The software is equipped with all the necessary features and tools to enable fast, easy and efficient creation and rendering of 3D designs and architecture.

The software also supports iVisit 3D panoramas, VR objects from QuickTime, and a host of other animations. The software is one of the most advanced, and is used over eighty countries across the globe. It is compatible with all the versions of the windows operating system like windows 98, XP, 2000, ME, NT, including windows 7 and windows 8. It is of great use to recent professionals, who deal with urban designing and modern architecture, as it has a wide range of functions and options.

There are two versions of the Artlantis software, which are available to the user. Both these versions provide high quality, error free, unique and quick rendering of three-dimensional designs. The user may use any of these two versions, depending on his needs and different practices. The software has also proved to be of extensive use to landscapers, interior designers, organizers of different exhibitions and a range of other related professionals. The Artlantis render is most appropriate for the designing of images, while the Artlantis Studio is suitable for images as well as 3D panoramas and other elaborate designs. The software is easy to use and thus is becoming increasingly popular for its multiple functions and benefits.

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