Adaucogit Salt

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Adaucogit salt is a unique software tool that adds that extra colour, flavour and interest in the users AutoCAD files and documents. The main objective of the software is to provide extensive and varied techniques of unique automatic designing. The software supports a host of different dimensioning functions, which are applicable to the AutoCAD system software. They can be of different types, namely-2D linear dimensioning, which has the feature of annotating drawings in accordance with the dimension priorities and standards set on the views and arrangement of objects and all other geometrical shapes.

Secondly there is the 3D linear dimensioning, which deals with annotation of 3D solids while automatically laying dimensions on appropriate places and locations in the provided 3D space, and lastly there is the 2D ordinate dimensioning, which provides two categories of ordinates like ‘peripheral’ and ‘near’ dimensioning, which are chosen by the user depending on the complexity and layout of the drawing or design.

The Adaucogit Salt also has an extensive inbuilt list, which includes both the program’s circle list as well as the block list. There is a leader feature incorporated in this software program which has the ability to identify different geometrical shapes including concentric circles, blocks, chamfers, filters, default holes etc. the automatic dimensioning and designing program provided by the Adaucogit Salt is the most powerful and unique in this world. It is intelligent in functioning, as well as understanding to the user. The program saves the users time on the process of annotation, thus enabling him to concentrate more on the designing process.