Download A9CAD

A9CAD is a free, ultra-light application that allows you to very easily create and edit your 2D CAD drawings. Created by who are dedicated to building easy-to-use software to be used by engineers.

A9CAD allows you to quickly edit your 2D drawings using the various shapes such as lines, rectangles, circle and numbering with its intuitive window interface. It also allows adjustments in the drawings with the help of object tools such as: scale rotate move mirror and so on. The lines and color can also be edited by using a line width or type and fill color functions. The properties of separate entities in the plan can be modified easily from just one window. Apart from editing and modifying previous designs you can create a complex new 2D drawing from scratch. Along with it the program can also manage drawing environments like various styles and settings, making things simple. The application supports the standard CAD drawing file types like the DWG and DXF.

A9CAD comes in handy where the standard CAD software cannot be easily moved from one computer to another due to their large size and complicated installations and to add to that A9CAD is completely FREE!

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