3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male)

Download 3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male)

Aspiring fashion designers can largely benefit from this software which fleshes out the intricate concepts attached to figure drawing. The never thought before concepts pertaining to the diagrammatic representation of the male human body has been vitalized using 3D Virtual Figure Drawing Studio (Male). Each posture of the male body can be strictly looked at which in turn strengthens the techniques and related concepts. Using exact perspective angles and foreshortening techniques, this becomes the go to software for all fashion junkies.

Inclusive of the 2D classical shader and dynamic lighting, this application allows the user to look into the skeletal framework of the modelled piece. As many as 60 free poses can be chosen from, making this an all new experience for viewing the human body from different angles. The screen captures the 2 dimensional forms which in turn can be used by the enthusiasts to figure out the basics accordingly. The inbuilt animation slider comes with a lock, which can point the figure in the preferred direction by inhibiting the rotation.

Other inclusives like the drawing guide lets the user learn from the plethora of tips provided by skilled artists. The presence of the multi viewport allows viewing from selective directions and the quick interface and buttons readily add up to the functioning quotient. Full screen viewing is also allowed and a free camera is built within to capture the figures for further references. The timeline coupled with a turn table allows scrolling of the projects undertaken using the software aided by the screen grab functionality to transform the image captured, into the desired modular figure.