Logo Trivial Quiz APK



Have you ever thought of a distinct quiz game that is more than answering simple questions? If not, then download the most out of the ordinary quiz game called Logo Trivial Quiz.

This quiz application offered and developed by Carlos Alcarria asks you to guess the names of different companies. The game showcases logos of different companies, and the user simply needs to guess their accurate names to earn points. The developers are planning onto launching a more advanced version of the game with increased number of levels and logos to make the game even more enthusiastic. The new advanced version will also provide hints and this will make this uniquely amazing game even more fun.

One of the points to note is from the various types of logos that may either have an apostrophe or a dash, the same can be left out. However, if it’s the question of a logo that has the ‘&’ symbol, the same may be replaced by using ‘and’ in its place. This present version has a total of 18 different levels, with variety of different logos that you have to guess from. Only when you are capable of unlocking all the logos in a single level, you will proceed onto the next level of the game.

The entire game consists of a plethora of different logos, with as many as 850 varieties of logos and the developers are planning onto add more such logos. The logos represented by this game, are all protected by trademarks, copyrights and do not claim ownership of any of the logos presented. The current available version of this game is 4.6 and the Android version required for installing and using the application is 2.1 and above. The game has also introduced a new 18th level, which showcases 50 more logos.