Tracker – for FIFA 12 APK



Note: “Tracker for FIFA 2012 is a tracking application for FIFA 2012, only download and install this application if you still have copy of original FIFA 2012 game for either PC, PS3 or XBOX360”

Tracker for FIFA 2012 is a sport based application, which will help you in keeping track of the FIFA 2012 results, standings and statistics for online matches they played. The application is available for Android, iOS and windows 7 platform, which is developed by a fan of a game named ‘Jan Erik Samsonssen’ for other fans of a game. The application is developed to track every basic moment of a match like scores, player’s strength and weakness, points, logos, results, rankings and standings.

The features included in Tracker for FIFA 2012 are as follows:

  1. You can view a list of recent played matches with team accessories and logos.
  2. You can also view and compare your leaderboards with your friend’s leaderboard.
  3. You can also view the detailed statistics, ranking and standings of each player in your team.
  4. Besides leaderboard, you can also compare your team’s statistics with your friends or other player’s statistics.
  5. You can also check your player’s performance and compare their strength and weakness on the basis of their current form in last 10 matches they played.
  6. You will also receive notification when your friend play FIFA 2012 so you can join them.
  7. You can share your results and best moments from match via SMS, Email, Facebook and twitter.

The application is free to download application, but uses internet connection for statistics, rankings and other information of players.