Tin Shot APK



An extremely addictive and enthusiastic game launched by Google Play and offered by Internet Orange Limited is Tin shot. It’s not a single game but involves five different mini games with the latest addition being Clowns (mini game).

This game can be downloaded very easily from the apps store in Google play. Current available version of these mini games together called Tin shot is 1.2.55 and the android version required for operating the game is 2.0 and above.

The first mini game of Tin shot is the usual Can Knock Down, an extremely preferred and famous mini game in which players need to aim and throw balls within the given tins. The second one of this addictive game is called Carton boxes where you need to throw precisely wooden sticks within carton boxes. The third mini game is known as Flying Tins, in which players need to aim and throw balls, into moving tins. The fourth mini game of Tin shot is called Targets, and the last one, which is also the latest mini game addition, is known as Clowns.

Another interesting addition made in version 1.2.35 is that the issues related to sound has been fixed and the game can now be plated hassle freely on all Android operated devices. The game has been considered to be one of the most popular games around the world, in Google play. Millions of gamers and Android users have downloaded this game, around the world. You can also download and enjoy the immersive mini games of Tin shot that to for free.

The game is extremely simple to play, and all a gamer requires to do is throw the balls into the required direction. The game certainly requires the player to achieve a good understanding of the direction, the power or intensity of the throw along with the throw direction.