Super Ski Jump – Winter Rush APK



The weather is just about perfect for you to start playing this game. It is an extremely thrilling game which will be surely a favourite of yours. Yes, it is quite exciting and you will be bowled over with the background and detailing of the game.

Many of us get to experience winter but not all of us get to enjoy the thrill of skiing. This game fulfils your desire to ski by giving you a very enhanced and detailed perspective as you play. It can get addictive as you slowly secure a better rank in the leader board. It is indeed a challenge to keep your balance while you glide ar very high speeds. This challenge keeps you interested and notches up the excitement levels.

The gameplay is mesmerizing and is going to impress you immensely engaged in the game and there are 32 events you can participate in.The game has been designed to give you one of the best ways to pass your leisurely time in the chilly weather. Even if you cannot make it to the skiing clubs, this game will surely give you an experience that you will enjoy thoroughly.

  • The game modes that you can play in are Quick Jump and the nail biting World Cup and Tournament.
  • One unique feature of this game is that the player can create their own Tournament, decide its settings and custom it to his liking, no one would miss a grab on this opportunity.

The scintillating graphics and the enthralling music put you in the competitive mood which you need to ace in this game. The game has been set in a manner that the weather and locations are as true as real.

The immersive and easily accessible controls help you get accustomed to the game easily. So go skiing!