Super Boxing: City Fighter APK



Super Boxing: City Fighter is newest and hottest boxing action game ever created for android platform, which is developed by SuperCreative entertainments. The game is ultimate sport game with amazing graphics and animation. The game is easy to control, all you have to do is just slide and tap on a touch screen of your device for the continuous strike on your opponents. The Super Boxing: City Fighter is perfect combination and integration of speed, hit and control with innovative features. You will be fighting with numerous opponents and knock them out for winning more experience points. You will be fighting with boxers in different modes of a game, which allows a use of splendid boxing and weapons. The controls of Super Boxing: City Fighter are quite handy, you just need to practise them once or twice and you will master them.

The controls include sliding off your fingers on both ends of the touch screen of a device for throwing straight punches and fists with fast speed. You can also throw continuous punches as well as defend yourself from opponent’s strikes. Draw a vertical line on the screen for hooking fist attack and horizontal line on screen for deadly harm attack, which cannot be defended. There are plenty of exciting features included in Super Boxing: City Fighter, which are as follows:

  1. Super Boxing: City Fighter has plenty of superstars, which you can select for your boxing    match.
  2. Super Boxing: City Fighter has different game modes.
  3. You can customize and upgrade your player’s strength and skills.
  4. Strengths of opponents progressively increase.
  5. The graphics of a game are excellent with amazing gaming effects and realistic battlefield.
  6. The sound and music of Super Boxing: City Fighter is incredible and inspired from real world sound and music.