Slide Soccer APK



Want the thrill and excitement of playing soccer on your mobile devices? Well Slide Soccer is an extremely popular Android game that mimics the game of Soccer or more commonly known as “Football” throughout the world and brings it to the palm of your hand. Challenge your friends or find numerous opponents online and beat them to become the ultimate soccer king! The simple user interface and addictive gameplay makes for an unforgettable soccer experience.

Choose from variety of playing surfaces like ice, dirt, grass and others, each posing unique challenges. Select your difficulty level wisely and set out to be the slide soccer champion. You can select different kinds of balls for each of your matches depending on your playing surface, like a special ball for ice, leather balls, golf balls and even rugby balls. Make your own strategy and find out the secret in cracking this incredibly challenging game. You have to take shots with high and extreme precision and set the impact as per your requirement to obtain that perfect sweet shot. Play in online modes where you are pitched against players from around the world. You can also try offline mode where you play against the computer in hard and challenging levels. Master the game as you play progressively and become unbeatable.

A special edition of the game has been updated called, World Championship Slide Soccer. In this you can pick your own favorite team and lead them to Glory. The championship contains elimination rounds so winning every match is crucial. There will be 32 national teams with the country flag on the bottle caps as you battle it out for supremacy. Slide Soccer is a free app for your Android device and is hugely popular. Download Slide Soccer and let the soccer fun begin!