Ski Jumping 12 Free APK



Ski Jumping 2102 is the best ski jumping simulation game which is available on Play Store in android phones. This game is famous for those weird sports freak persons as it is award winning too. This is the best winter sport available on Google Play Store.

The atmosphere is such that you experience the snow-covered slopes as you start ski jumping. While skiing you accelerate at very high speeds down the inrun to get past other players on track. But as the atmosphere is full of snow you have maintain your balance against the strong chilled wind. The wind is such powerful that there are chances of being toppled while skiing. So you have correctly take control of you balance while skiing. When the climax is reached, you take a huge leap in the air, and can create records to beat other ski jumpers in this game. The huge jump you take should be perfectly taken in order to beat the other players.

The game offers tilt as well as touch controls on screen so that you can choose your own and play the game at your comfort. The draws your attention towards the snowy environment and you are able to guide your jumper while skiing down the slope and take a huge leap precisely as well as the flight of the jumper in style is maintained. This game also teaches you to be a brave ski jumper through its realistic graphics. Principle of aerodynamics will be observed by you in this game and also teaches you to take huge leaps with stylish landings as professional ski jumper.

Features Of This Game Include:

  • The graphic is totally 3D
  • You get to play this game in three different controls
  • Various modes like Quick play, Tournaments, World Cup are there to experience.
  • You can also play online with different participants all over world with global leader boards and you also customise your own player.