Real Football 2012 APK



Real Football 2012 is a football game and opens in the era of football simulators on various devices. It is a free game version and suggested to join world global football fans and comparing their skills, creating own content and sharing over the board. It has nice graphics and innovations to recreate the football matches and feel themselves in match or on the pitch and become football coach by leading the team. The motions, gestures and motions of football players are made fantastically in the game.


  • Replaying Game – The games can be replayed which were watched on television. The news feed and keep users engaged.
  • Custom kits – Creating new custom shorts, jerseys is available in application. The sharing feature let the user look for designs of other players.
  • Enjoyable Football Community – The RSS feeds from websites can fetch football news.
  • Finest Experience Of Football – The realistic experience is gained by graphics of stadium and players. Smart moves, new effects and improved AI.
  • Various Game Modes – There are various game modes such as League, International cup, Exhibition, etc. The history mode can also be activated for replaying the glory games with favorite teams.

Publisher’s Description

Real Football 2012 is new football season game to give football playing experience for joining the community of football fans for creating and sharing the content. The game has ultimate experience and major improvements and additional features provide complete enjoyable experience.

Bottom Line

It has every feature required by football game but it costs the user in context to the long download time and storage terms. Real Football 2012 engages the user during the game with exceptional features and advancements.

Change Log

It has fixed some minor bugs as compared to the last version of game.