Real Boxing APK



Have you always desired to experience a real action packed boxing experience? Well, a new game called the Real Boxing is there, which will provide you the best virtual fighting experience.

It’s a free for all game, intuitive and exciting controls, real prizes along with multiplayer experience, and a full blown career. The name impeccably suits the game, for it offers a real life console quality boxing experience. With the help of this game players will be able to be a part of adrenaline world of boxing action. Thanks to the flawless sound design, lifelike motion captured animation, immersive engine powered graphics.

The best part about this game is that it offers a multiplayer experience through which you can enjoy unlimited hours of game play and become a challenger to your chosen opponent. Here you get to become a real action hero and fight your opponent using hoards of devastating combos and punches. It has been named ‘Real Boxing’ because you can feel every uppercut, hook and jab because of its high quality immersive and intuitive controls.

The game also offers a mode called the weekly tournaments in which you can be part of tournaments with challenging and original rules and get to win a plethora of real and in game prizes. With the Real Boxing arcade mode, you can test your developed fighting skills, and challenge the champions of the boxing world. The underground tournament is all about street boxing in which you get to unlock brand new boxing gears.

If your wish is to make a mark in the boxing world and become a recognized boxing champion, go for the full blown career mode. In this mode, you get to fight over 30 boxing champions who are skilled leaders and have their self-designed boxing styles.