Mini Golf Stars 2 APK



Do you love to play golf? How long has it been since you gave it a shot? Well, get ready for some insane golfing action with Mini Golf Stars 2 – an Android app by Game Masons for handheld users. This exciting game offers four different and unique types, of course designs with more than 150 different holes to play your best shots.

It is the latest version, 2.30, and the game is now back with a better version than ever. So, it is ensured that you can spend hours on it and earn stars till the time you are at it. The automatic addition of new holes every month ensures that you never run out of fun. We recommend going all out for the castle courses so that you can have an experience of the super exciting world of the Mini Golf.

The visuals are just great. You will simply love the graphics once you start playing. The precise and smooth touch controls allow you to practically have a feel of the greens and make that birdie putt to get 3 stars. With each star that you earn on your way enables you to unlock more than a 100 holes.

The multiplayer option must also be tried out. Go for the zPoint to rise your way up to the top of the leader boards. Sign up for your account and let the action start. Mini Golf Stars, with the one hole shootout, will test your ability to see if you have it in you to go for the big ones.

We recommend downloading this extravaganza game, which is free to play, right away so that you can start sinking the putts. This is something that you just cannot miss playing. The installation file is just 30 MB and you will be on your way in a flash.