Ice Hockey – One Timer (Free) APK



Do you like to play hockey? Have you seen or experienced Ice Hockey? It is played in very cold areas with ice ground or field. Ice Hockey-One Timer (Free) is such an app launched in which you can experience the Ice Hockey game.

All those who are sports lovers would love to play this game. This game doesn’t include running around the whole field with your fellow team mates against the opposition team like real Ice Hockey. But it is such a game in which you would like to score goals if you are able to make a perfect shot on time. You have to make the most powerful hockey shot ever. This is a ranking game in which you have to clear the last level that is infinite level by one timer shot.

You need to move the player character into the shoot position by using the navigation controller on the left of the touch screen. On the right of the touch screen by pressing and releasing the shot controller you will be able to shot a puck. As you cross more levels, the required time for shooting a goal becomes lesser and the requirement of goals to pass the level becomes more. Sometimes shining puck is available during the game, which increases the goal time limit. Download it right away!