Hockey MVP APK



This game is about the ice hockey shooting contest and becoming the most popular player such as Jagr, Crosby, Rinne, Ovechkin, and Sedin. The player intends to win world championship of hockey team and become most valuable player. The hockey world championship has to be brought in the country to become national hockey hero. The player in this game plays for world championship in the exhibition game.


  • There are over 8 national teams in World championship of Ice Hockey
  • 4 different games
  • Gaining points, coins and equipment in game
  • Player can become control shooter as well as goalie in the same game
  • Achievements in Google account
  • Play mode of World championship is very interesting
  • Versatile combination of passes
  • Controls of game are very easy such as tapping to shoot or save, tilting phone to move player, tilting for vertical directions and getting the shot right.

Publishers Description

Hockey MVP is an exciting ice hockey world championship game with multiple levels and choices. The national team is selected and intends to become most popular player and national hero of country. Another important feature of game is that the player can master both, shooter and goalie skills. The variety of national teams, different game durations and difficulty levels enhance the experience of players in extensive manner. Moreover, the easy controls of game are very convenient to play different moves in game.

Change Log

The new version of application has amazing background sounds and music which are activated by default. The background music is played at the time of selecting teams. The updated of feedback is included. The hints are reduced in application. The period duration settings are added. The pass combinations are simplified. The game can be interrupted and continued at any time. The graphics are improved. The exhibition game is removed. Added more language support. Minor bugs are also resolved.