Foosball Cup APK



How often do you play games? What is your favourite game? Whatever be the case, there is no denying that everybody loves to flex their muscles once in a while and of all the games that exist, foosball is one such game.

But what choice does a person has if it is not possible to hit the field and kick the ball, the only way that we could think of is to advise to play at least a game app concerning football. Presently, there are more than enough game apps, then one could ask for. However to figure out the right one can sometimes be difficult and a pain in the back as well.

In spite of all the roadblocks, there is one such game app that all football lovers will like to play – Foosball Cup. Here, in this game, the same rules apply as it would if you were playing for real on the field. This fast paced football game is very much realistic having a great style and there is ample scope to improve one’s playing skills. There are a number of nations that you can choose from and play on their behalf. You can invite your friends as well and challenge them to play a match against you.

Some of the interesting features of this game are as follows:

* The controls are highly responsive.

* There are a variety of table sizes to play on.

* The theme of the game is very dynamic.

* There are multiple difficulty settings.

* Provision for tournament play.

* The graphics are of high resolution of realistic 3D quality.

* The option to choose from a variety of international teams.

So, just download this Ludus studio app and get started. For a game that is so full of excitement and thrill, the 17 MB size is just nothing.