Cricket Unlimited APK



Cricket, as we all know is a popular decades old game played by many. It is truly astonishing when we get to play such a game at the touch of our fingertips. The Cricket Unlimited application from Xerces Technologies Pvt. Ltd does that exactly as it brings the joy of cricket to mobile devices. With a new graphics User Interface and unlimited game play, this app is worth a shot for all cricket fans and enthusiasts. The current version of 3.5 has an apk size of about 47MB.

The small size of the app compared to other such ones makes it a top choice among gamers. Moreover, it allows several in app purchases, which are helpful in many scenarios. After installation, the app opens up with a fascinating music. There are about four playable modes, Quick match, Quick challenge, Play and Earn and the Tournament. There’s also a learning tutorial for newbies, a store for in app purchases and an achievement section. The player can select any team, any ground for the match. The awesome graphics combined with the gameplay makes it a perfect choice for gamers.

The player can hit sixes and fours at the swipe of a finger. Several modes of gameplay like one days, tournaments and T20’s are playable. For Cricket lovers, this turns out to be the best 3D gaming experience ever. There are over 22 varieties of playable shots including the Helicopter and the Scoop. There’s also a wide array of camera angles from all directions making it the most visually stunning game possible.