Ball Soccer (Flick Football) APK



If you are crazy football fan then you are going to love Ball Soccer or Flick Football, which is developed by Dodisoft entertainment and is a delightful game for football fans. Ball Soccer is the best football game with stunning and mind-blowing graphics, which makes it quite tumble, rough and realistic football game. Ball Soccer or Flick Football is completely different from other free kick soccer games. Besides jaw-dropping graphics, it also has unique and ultimate game logics. Ball Soccer (Flick Football) offer many exciting features, which are as follows:

  1. Ball Soccer (Flick Football) offers 5 exciting game modes for football lovers, which includes arcade, multiplayer, tournament, time attack, free kick.
  2. It has real life amazing graphics and animations for both players and goal keepers.
  3. Ball Soccer (Flick Football) sports lifelike soccer rules and action of players.
  4. Players can perform various football tricks like dribbling, slide off, shoot, fakes and feint, spinning, jump, chip shot, 360 turning and many more.
  5. Ball Soccer (Flick Football) allows you to customize your clubs uniforms, themes, chants, jerkies and anthems.
  6. Ball Soccer has 4 different stadiums, where you will be showing your soccer skills.
  7. The leader board is available for every mode of game.
  8. You can also play with your friends or rest of the world with the help of Facebook or in multiplayer mode.
  9. You can play a game either in landscape mode or portrait mode and you can also share your goal scoring snapshots with integrated social media tools like Facebook.