Amazing Football 2014 APK



Every football fanatic not only engages in watching football matches but also in games of the same. Are you a crazy football fan and dream of playing with the world champions? Download this out of the ordinary football game offered by XaviaLogix called Amazing Football 2014.

Amazing football 2014 or more popularly known as AF14, presented by Google Play is free simulation sports game. Every crazy football freak will here get to compete against the world’s best football players, or even their dream sportsperson. Not only can one play with or against the football champions, but they also are provided with the opportunity to create and manage their own fantasy team. Its captivating effects and life like graphics are enough for becoming the favorite football sports game for anyone.

Have an extraordinary and mind boggling experience with this free simulation fantasy game. This gaming app, offers a real life feel to the gamer, and impresses them with the most captivating football simulation. Even if someone is not a real sportsperson, they can simply portray themselves as a real footballer and showcase their best moves on the football pitch. Highly accurate graphics representation and seamless movement that produce an accurate real life feel that lets the player be a part of the situation.

Through AF14, every gamer will get to experience the out of the box football action. This 3D soccer game, unlike any other football game offers realistic and smooth graphics of both the stadiums, and the players themselves. This game equipped with state of the art technology offers effortless to use on screen gaming controls, for premium usability. This sports game not only offers 3D graphics, but also immersive sound quality to make the gamer feel playing in an actual football field. The most interesting aspect is the amazing quality of swerve control and realistic kicks.