3D Basketball Shot APK



Are you a huge fan of playing Basketball? Want to experience the thrill and pace of the game at the palm of your hands? 3D basketball Shot brings you just the same. With addictive 3D graphics, realistic game mechanisms and a great challenge, this game is the best basketball game for your smartphone! Play levels with increasing difficulty and obtain the highest score among your friends and players from all over the world.

3D basketball shot has a simple user interface and gameplay that allows for a greater gaming experience. Shoot the ball into the hoop with just the flick of your fingers. You don’t need to pick the ball up every time. You need to shoot the ball from five different positions on the court. In each position, which is also, called levels you get lesser and lesser time to shoot the ball. The first level or position gives you 45 seconds to shoot as many baskets as you can to get the maximum score. You also have a beautiful cheerleader cheering you from the sides after you obtain achievements. Shoot consecutive baskets and set the ring on fire! Once you finish all five levels, you can submit your score and compete with your friends and other players and become the undisputed king of the court. Select from 3 difficulty settings in the menu: Easy, Normal and Hard. You can also turn sound and vibration on to get more immersive experience.

3D Basketball shot is a free to play game exclusively for your Android device. Addictive gameplay would keep you glued to your phones for hours. Master your aiming to get the most points. Practice, practice and practice and you could also be a shooting legend. Download 3D Basketball shot from the Play Store and let the fun begin!