Youda Survivor APK



Youda Survivor is a delightful treat for strategy games fans. Youda Survivor is a strategy game where the player will be trying to survive on an enigmatic and mysterious island, with the hope of finding a way back to their home. Player will be playing character of Robinson Crusoe and will be doing everything possible for surviving on Weird Island, players will be doing different set of tasks for winning over the hearts of indigenous tribes by providing them solution of their problems and saving them from ruthless, cunning and cruel pirates. While completing the different set of tasks players will be obtaining mystical and supernatural tribal items which possess magical powers. Players will be learning different rituals, which will be helpful in controlling weather. Besides this powers, there are special machines, which players can use to complete their quest. Another amazing thing included in gameplay are secret diets and potions to make players powerful and stronger.

Youda Survivor is free to download the game which has amazing and thrilling 80 adventures, with 5 additional powers which players can use to complete their tasks. These mystical powers include control of the wind, rain, and lightning, besides this three mystical supernatural power player can also control creatures like monkeys and birds. The game offers thrilling adventure and exhilarating action to its player. The game is made available in more than 15 international languages. Control of games are easy to play and handy for players, the game is compatible with all android based devices and tablets also. Try Youda Survivor for free and unlock new adventures from within the games.