Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet APK



Virtual simulators are now the trend in Android applications since all of them give real life experiences by a few touches. Not all the simulators follow the same mantra, but the gist is quite the same. For instance, virtual pet stores have become really common, though all of them sport different, distinguishing features. Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet, as the name suggests, it a virtual pet care application, which is played with 12 different pets all along. Select a pet of your choice and start nurturing to progress through the game.

The rules of the game are quite simple. The more one takes care of their pets, the more likely is the chance of their pets to be happy. The happier their pets are, the quicker is the process of growth. The growth of pets is not solely dependent on their happiness, but is also the result of how the pets are fed, how much time one spends with them and how often pets are cleaned.

The game provides the player with 3 pets as a gift. Later on, for every 2 pets who reach their adult stage, next three pets are unlocked. Player has the freedom to switch to any pet whenever they want. Every pet has a unique set of games a player can go on with. This unique set of games, also called mini-games is classified into two sections, one being solo games and other being multiplayer. Various customizations can be made according to ones wishes. For a pet lover, Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet is a proper virtual paradise to flourish their desires on!