Truck Parking Simulator APK



If you are a big fan of simulator games, specially driving simulator ones then Truck Parking Simulator should be the game of your choice. Test your parking skills with this realistic simulator. This game involves the simulator of almost all of the parking skills. This proves a fun learning source if you want to learn more about driving! The main objective of Truck Parking Simulator is that you have to park your Truck along with the trailer in the given spot.

To begin with, you have to first find your trailer that is marked by a red arrow that appears on your screen. Connect the trailer with your truck with precision and then drive your truck to the parking destination that is pointed by the green arrow on your screen. Control your truck with the brake pedals, steering wheel and the accelerator icons shown on the screen. You can also change the camera view according to your choice. The distances are provided in meters both with the red and green arrow. You can also shift gears manually by interacting with the icon displayed on your screen. The game contains 3D graphics and animation giving you a more realistic feel. The rich and immersive gameplay provides for a fun ride.

Drive and squeeze your way through the city traffic and park your truck perfectly in the given parking spot to finish a level. With the progress of each level, the job becomes more challenging and difficult to finish putting your parking and driving skills to the test. This game is supported by Android devices that includes Tablets and Smartphones and is absolutely free. Gain total control of your truck and navigate through streets to reach your destination in Truck Parking Simulator. Download the game now and enjoy parking!