Truck Parking Simulator 2 APK



Driving simulator games are becoming popular and Android devices are no exception. Truck Parking Simulator as the name suggests is a simulator game for your Android device where you can test your parking skills in the most realistic way possible. Gameplay is set to match real life situations and the simulations are pretty accurate so that you can experience what it is like to actually park a truck.

You need to find your trailer first, pointed by the red arrow and then as you connect your truck with the trailer, a green arrow will appear showing you the spot to park your truck. Control your truck with the steering wheels and use the accelerator and brake to stop and move the truck. Squeeze through difficult places as you earn the perfect parking in this simulator experience. In Truck Parking Simulator 2 you can shift gears, giving you total control of your truck and trailer.

It includes features like changing your camera angles according to your choice. It also has a driver cabin view so that you can feel as if you are really driving the truck.

Navigate your way through city streets and avoid cars in your own customizable truck. There are a total of seven available trucks and five trailers to choose from. You can also custom paint your truck to the color of your choice! Park your Truck perfectly and earn coins in this extremely challenging and fun app.

Truck Parking Simulator 2 is regularly updated so that rich gaming experience is brought to you. It is available for your Android device, which includes smartphones and tablets. Truck Parking Simulator is a free of cost, fun and exciting new simulator game that you simply cannot miss! So go download now and let the parking begin.