Rock The Vegas APK



Rock the Vegas is an amazing game, which is combination collaboration of multiple genres like city-builder, tycoon, social and gambling games. The application is designed elegantly and supported by both tablets and mobile platform. Game offers its player a chance to design prototype of marvellous Las Vegas, where night become hot with casinos blaze, superb cars rush and chase, neon light shows, dusky roads and excellent restaurants which astonish even the most demanding foodies. Users will be feeling like they are an owner of Las Vegas and its luxuries. For enjoying luxuries of marvellous Las Vegas, the player has to accumulate massive profits and then he player can enjoy the impulsive atmosphere of fun.

The gameplay is easy and simple to understand, where a player will try to build their own Las Vegas from dust into a stunning wonder in the middle of a wasteland. The player has to create and improve his buildings for gang more and more profit to enjoy luxuries of cities. Tourist is the best way to gain profit, for that player will be constructing more casinos and hotels to attract more tourists. The player can also gamble in lavish casinos and win big jackpots. The game is online multiplayer game and player can take help from their friends, who are already playing Rock the Vegas, send them gift and vote for their cities. Players will be getting tasks for creating Las Vegas and gain point earned by it will help them to buy more property.

The game is offering many features which is attracting a lot of players to play and enjoy new Rock the Vegas. The features are unique casinos, course bars and entertainment centre which give its player environment of uncontrollable fun. Players can gamble in their opponent’s casinos and if they are lucky they can also win jackpots.