iHorse Racing APK



Have you always been intrigued about the idea of horse racing, and still never had the chance to be a part of it? You can get the best of horse racing experience with the help of the most comprehensive and immersive horse racing game in the world. Google Play has recently introduced an exciting and exhilarating horse racing game called iHorse racing. The game has quickly become a favorite and has scored several million hits from around the world, due to its presentation of real life elements of horse racing.

The game offers you the opportunity to select your own preferred stallion, during the horse auction, in which you can choose the best and the fastest horse in the entire world. If you’re a newbie, don’t be scared because the game also offers a feature called the stable management in which you will receive a personal trainer and secretary who will introduce you to all the tricks and tactics involved in training and managing horses.

iHorse racing also offers its players with several useful horse gears, which gamers can use to develop a technique and improve their racing performance. The most exciting and informative feature is the horse training, in which every gamer receives training programs, through which they can build their stallion’s attributes and conditions. In the racing entries, there are more than sixty inter class and group races involved.

Another helpful feature of this game is the player controlled riding system, in which the gamer gets to tackle and ride his or her own horses according to the jockey’s perspective. The game also involves a horse rating system, in which the ratings are decided as per the results of the races, and the gamer has to enroll their stallion as per the decided ratings. If you are in a need of an experienced CPU jockey to ride, you may receive one with jockey hiring system.