Gangstar City APK



Gangstar City is an interesting game with a storyline. In this game, brother has been kidnapped and the user have to fight and struggle with each and every situation which comes between user and his brother. The user have to run own district by collecting money from shops and throwing giant house parties, attracting gangster, guarding the crib, etc. The user have to wipe out every tricks and weapons in arsenal to complete various jobs and make his name in the L.A. The activities such as fighting with police, robbing banks, kidnapping enemies and more is very interesting part of game. The user also expands his domination in different districts. This game allows to be king of L.A. or die trying to be the king.


  • Easy to play
  • Lot of challenges keeps the user engaged throughout the game
  • HD graphics
  • Different levels for better experience of users
  • New weapons and tricks of game
  • Variety of tasks to dominate the areas

Publisher’s description

The game is a new arrival in crime game category. It has lot of challenges for enhancing the experience of users. It requires completion of mission series to launch own empire. The basic story of brother kidnapping has led to the gameplay and have lot of tasks to be completed within the game. The game is very ambitious and the crime series game is very popular among players. The city is quite impressive with numerous activities and engagement in those activities are amazing experience for users. It is a free game with lot of enjoyment and also provides excellent game play while expanding the domination to 4 districts. Furthermore, it has realistic experience of crime city.

Change Log

Minor bugs are fixes and resolved along with performance improvement. Now, the new edition supports Korean and Japanese languages.