Dragon Pet APK



This is an adventure and Fairy Tale game for children above the age of 3. In this game, you will find yourself on the snowy peaks of an ancient mountain with magic Dragon eggs. Then all you got to do is to maintain the correct temperature of those so that the eggs can hatch into a wonderful pet Dragon with whom you can play around and have some wonderful adventures. You will be taking care of yourself as well as taking care of your pet as well.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to raise and train a dragon and then come up with your own saga? You will be required to become your Dragon’s best friend. The bond is going to be so strong that if you choose to ignore him, the Dragon will eventually run away from you, fall sick and that might even die due to grief. You will also be visiting shops in the Dragon City so that you can build up your Dragon’s world.

So if you have ever imagined about training a Dragon in real life, here’s your chance to do so and fulfill your wish. You will also have the option to change your friends online and also pick the best Dragon trainer to train your pet. Apart from that, you can also fulfill your wish to fight with other Dragons to become the greatest Gladiator. You can also earn coins for mini games while you see your favourite Dragon transform from egg to baby, then a teen and up to a fully grown adult.

So overall, this is a nice and cute virtual pet game that kids are bound to fall in love with and also get addicted to it. Well, who would not? Specially when there is a baby dragon giving you all the fun!