City Crane Parking Sim 2015 APK



There is good news tor those who like to drive around heavy vehicles. Sunny Games has come up with an excellent app – City Crane Parking Sim 2015. In this game app, you get to test drive and build with te ultimate construction crane simulator. And God, the graphics is so real that you will hardly notice the difference between the real and the virtual thing.

This game has 10 cool levels of play that have been recently updated. It automatically saves and chooses the levels, one after the other, that you clear. The incorporation of the latest vehicle physics simply leaves you staring at what you see in front of you and will immediately hit you to go for a 3D version of this.

For the first time users, a crane is a kind of machine, a huge machine equipped with wires and chains to lift and lower materials or move them around or transporting them to other places. Cranes are commonly employed in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight. In the construction sector, it is used for the movement of materials and for the assembling of heavy equipment in the manufacturing industry.

Building is not an easy task. You need to take care of the foundation or the base before you proceed. In the game, you will get the task of moving around these blocks using these giant machines. Take the control of the wheels and the other levers of these huge cranes to position appropriately and help start with the construction work.

Compared to what it offers, you will not mind the 47 MB file size. Just remember, this game has been downloaded over 5 million times throughout the world and you will be missing something if you don’t play this game.