City Bus Driver APK



The game is very exciting with the bus driver experiences and the player will act as a driver of bus with many passengers from various bus stops. The red arrow has to be followed to identify the next bus stop. Earn lot of money to unlock the missions and vehicles. All traffic rules has to be followed otherwise fine will be levied. It has tilting steering control and it can be changed in further settings of game. It is a game with training mission to become a driver.


  • Game performance is quite optimized
  • Realistic vehicles with unlimited missions
  • High graphics quality
  • Adding more busses with support
  • Steering wheel controls options

Game play

The game starts with the bus driver and it is the responsibility of driver to go around the bust stops in town for pick and drop of passengers at different locations. The collisions need to be avoided throughout the game and safeguarding the passengers is the main aim. The main priority of game play is to keep safety of passengers and drive carefully.

Publisher’s Description

The main job in this game is to transport the passengers in realistic and attractive city. The driver need to be on time and should be on the planned route while following the traffic rules properly. It also considers taking care of injured and upset passengers in bus. Unlike other driving games, it has excellent experience of driving the bus in city. The game has multiple buses, people, traffic, etc. and later stages includes multiple spots at different levels. There are some issues such as jumping of bus which causes fines, crashing, speeding, crossing the red traffic lights and getting fined for breaking the rules.

Change Log

The updated version has added extra time in levels of game. Some minor bugs are fixed along with unspecified updates.