Bus Simulator Hill Climbing APK



It is a challenging game for users with different tours of buses and various natural environment. The bus driving skills are challenged in the hill climbing environment with friends. It has amazing sound effects with realistic sound of turbo of the bus engine. The game also has fantastic graphics with smooth 3D simulation. It is unlike other bus journey games as it gives an exceptional experience of climbing hills to the user and challenging hurdles while reaching the destination. The game also allow user to drive in easy as well as difficult hill climbing conditions to add the experience of bus driving in excellent ways.


  • Variety of buses such as luxury buses, tour buses, white buses, hill climbing buses, high engine power buses etc.
  • Natural environment while touring in bus enhances the user experience
  • Difficult hills
  • Challenging tasks while driving the bus such as snow hills
  • Pressure breaks of bus
  • Other speedy buses
  • Inside driving of bus challenges
  • Fun and excitement while driving the bus

Publisher’s Description

Bus simulator hill climbing is a very challenging game with lot of variety in tour buses within the natural environment. The bus driving skills can be a challenge in this game while driving on hill climbing environment. The sound effects of real turbo of bus engine adds extra fun to the game. The graphics and smooth 3D simulation is excellent in the game. The exceptional feature, variety of buses, challenging task, speed of buses, controlling of buses, natural environment adds excitement throughout the game. The job of bus driver is very challenging in this game especially driving in snow and difficult hills. Have lot of fun and new experience while playing the bus driving game.

Change Log

Some minor bugs are fixes along with the performance improvement in the game.