Bus Simulator 3D APK



Bus Simulator 3D game is exciting for gamers who loves to navigate rather than to race. It has many levels to keep the gamer entertained for long hours. The gamer is behind the wheel and allows the driver to navigate around the city, and collect points by dropping off passengers. The game allows brilliant control and excellent graphics. For beginners, it is not an easy game but proves interesting and throws a lot of tough content. The points earned at each level permit the gamer to unlock difficult levels and allows purchasing new buses and other similar add-ons during the course of the game. By crossing every level, the gamer is traversed through different parts of the city which are very intricately designed for an Android game.


  • Exotic experience of realistic bus physics with traffic systems
  • Variety of buses to choose from, in different terrains
  • With hit with an accident, it shows realistic damage with advanced interior cameras and smooth graphics
  • Levels are quite interesting and the rankings of the game shows online

Publisher’s Description

Bus Simulator 3D is a game in which you can drive your bus till the bus station, pick up passengers who keep standing at the station. The city map helps the driver know where the passenger needs to get down. The job of the driver is to park the bus in the proper parking area and the passengers will automatically de-board the bus. The controls placed on the screen and the popping up ads take up too much space on the screen for smaller phones. So the images do not look too appealing. On completing one level, a distracting ad pops up on the screen which is difficult for user to navigate. But lot of levels and fun in the game keeps the interest of player. The graphics and the reactive controls are easy to play around and it unlocks the goodies.