WeChat Speed APK



Turn your phone into a racing extravaganza! Enjoy the thrill and action of the popular fast paced racing game called WeChat Speed. Immerse in an epic 3D experience. Fight bosses, use large and destructive weapons and race others cars in this hugely popular game. WeChat speed contains all the elements that contribute to a super cool and attractive gameplay. The graphics are amazing and would keep you on the edge every time you race in high speeds.

Select from a wide variety of cars that have their own unique characteristics. You can also modify you cars with weapons and more upgrades. You can perform free roam, racing cars in an endless gameplay. Or you can also play the scenario mode in which you have to complete specific tasks and defeat powerful bosses as the story unfolds. Perform different combos to earn a high score. Smash and hit and overtake other cars, hijack trucks, destroy helicopters and do much more in WeChat Speed. Destroy barriers with your speeding vehicles. Collect coins and power boosts and other power ups along the tracks. Control you vehicle with the on screen steering options. You can also fire your weapons with on screen buttons. Evade enemy fire as well as shoot rockets and missiles at the enemy. Challenge players all around the world in the World Battle arena and become the top player and win exciting and exclusive prizes.

WeChat Speed is a free to play game that contains no in app ads. Immerse yourself in a rich and exciting racing experience that you would never forget. This game is available for android devices that include both smartphones and tablets with version 2.3 and up. So if you have not already downloaded WeChat Speed, go do so now and let the racing fun begin!